How to: Selling a
Tenanted Property

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May 22 @ 7pm

If you are a landlord and plan to sell your investment property but unsure of the proper process, THIS LIVE EVENT IS FOR YOU!

Considering Selling Your Tenanted Property?

All your questions answered (FREE Webinar)!

Thinking of selling your investment property, but worried about your tenants? You’re not alone! Ontario’s Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) protects tenants’ rights, but it also allows for a smooth sale with the right approach.

This FREE webinar will equip you with the knowledge and strategies you need to successfully sell your tenanted property in Ontario.

Here’s what you’ll learn:


  • Understanding tenant rights: Know your legal obligations and navigate the eviction process (if necessary).
  • Open communication strategies: Learn how to keep your tenants informed and involved in the selling process.
  • Marketing a tenanted property: Discover effective ways to showcase your property while respecting tenant privacy.
  • Negotiating with tenants: Explore options for lease termination agreements and “cash for keys” incentives.
  • Finding the right buyer: Attract investors seeking stable rental income or buyers willing to honour existing leases.
  • Q&A session: Get your specific questions answered by our real estate experts.

Seller FAQs

Do I have to tell my tenants I’m selling? 

There’s no legal requirement, but open communication is key. We’ll discuss best practices.

Can I evict my tenants to sell?

Eviction for selling purposes is possible under specific conditions. We’ll explore the RTA regulations.

What happens if my tenants refuse to leave?

We’ll outline the legal process and alternative solutions.

Will having tenants make my property less desirable? 

Not necessarily! Investors love stable rental income. We’ll show you how to position your property effectively.

Meet our Guest: Suzanne Diamond, Paralegal

Suzanne Diamond

Suzanne Diamond

Paralegal at Bellum Legal

Having worked in Bay Street firms for years, taking the next step to obtain her Paralegal License was only natural for Suzanne. She completed her Certificate at Durham College and was licensed in 2012. While also using her past legal experience, her BA in Law, her Law Clerk Diploma and her Certificate in Dispute Resolution, Suzanne is ready to help you with any legal matter related to tenants.

Suzanne is also a Director of a Not-For-Profit organization, Durham Region Community First Robotics Inc. This NFP is a First Robotic Canada Team. The FIRST programs are designed to help all young people develop creative problem-solving, leadership, and communications skills. Supported by a network of mentors, educators, volunteers, sponsors, parents, and alumni in over 100 countries, the FIRST experience gives participants lasting inspiration and confidence to build a better future for themselves and their communities. 

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Presented by: Chris Shebib, Blue Orchard Property Group

Disclaimer: Information on this page and during the webinar is for general informational purposes only. Landlord-tenant laws vary by location and we recommend always consulting with a lawyer specializing landlord-tenant law for advice specific to your situation.