Earn the best ROI

The numbers have to work. A property can look like an ideal investment on the surface but projections, accurate expenses and quality upgrades need to be included. 

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Joint Venture Partnership

If you don’t want the hassle of being a landlord but would like to have a properties building long term wealth, then we can invest together. It’s a Win-Win. 
Here are 3 ways I can help you:

Guided Investing (JV Partner and Coach)
Passive Investing (JV Partner)
Education and Consulting (Coach)

Finding the Best Opportunities

We focus on key markets throughout the GTA, including Durham Region, Peterborough, Barrie, Orillia, Hamilton and Brantford to name a few. We look at neighborhoods with revitalization, steady appreciation and high demand. There are incredible opportunities when you work with Blue Orchard Property Group.

Why Blue Orchard Property Group?

Since 1992, Chris has been investing in real estate. Now as a coach, investor and partner in several multi-unit properties, finding smart investments is backed by year of experience across multiple strategies. Every property is viewed as a stand-alone business designed to be profitable and create wealth.


GTA – Very Strong Growth and Opportunity

The macro economic drivers for the GTA are undeniable. City planners are targeting more transportation growth, large developments and immigration just to name a few of the key items. Get in touch to learn more about what’s happening, and how real estate can be a catalyst for future weath, either in your primary home, or through real estate investments.

Great Explanations for New Investors

Worth a few minutes of your time… Find out why 1% ROI in Real Estate is better than 7% ROI in stocks.

Regular Contributor to Canadian Real Estate Wealth

As a regular contributor to Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine, I am always watching trends and changes in the real estate market. Many investors are in for the long haul to have a plan for retirement. Real Estate is one of the most reliable investments over time and can allow you to plan for your financial future. 

March / April 2017 – How to use Facebook to find your next tenant.

January / February 2017 – Featured in the “Ask The Experts” section

May / June 2016 – Featured as the award winner for the National 2016 Joint Venture of the Year.



“Chris has experience in residential as well as commercial real estate, and his bigger picture view helped me understand my options and make sure I was positioned right.”

O, Toronto

“Chris is the person that I trust to advise me on real estate. I’ve known him for almost 20 years and trust him and his judgment completely. ”

S, Whitby