Joint Venture Partnerships

Earn Double Digit Returns, Completely Hands-off, Effort-free

We’ve been consistenly producing high, double digit returns for investors for the last number of years, across different strategies (BRRR duplexes, multi-family apartements and flips) in both US and Canada.

With proven strategies,investors are able to earn great returns to fund their childrens eduction, retire earlier, and pay their mortages off sooner.

Passive Investing

Passive investing is when we (Blue Orchard Property Group) oversees the project — from initial purchase, then renovations, finally refinancing and tenant placement.   You are on title and have full security over ownership in the asset but do not have to deal with the paperwork, day-to-day operations or accounting. We report to shareholders regularily and work with an experienced team of lawyers, accountants, mortgage brokers and property management companies that know Real Estate Investing well.

Two very important items to consider: 

  1. Our proven formulas for investments have paid off for years.  We will not invest in any property that doesn’t meet our criteria for a secure, long-term ROI.
  2. You will be paid before we are. Return of Capital is completed before profits and Return On Capital is calculated.  

A few examples of passive investing:

  • Residential BRRRs (converting a single family home into a duplex)
  • Garden Suites (adding a third unit to a property)
  • Multi-Family / Multi Unit Investing – we specialize in 6-30 unit buildings
  • FIips – forcing value through renovations and selling for profit
  • Using RRSPs for short-term, high ROI investments (ie: funding the renos)

Its always best to have a conversation about your financial needs and goals so that we can look at new and existing properties that have opportunities. Book a FREE 15 minute call with me and we can discuss options and I can answer any questions you may have.


“Chris is the person that I trust to advise me on real estate. I’ve known him for almost 20 years and trust him and his
judgment completely. ”

- S, Whitby

Expert Advice

Knowing which Renos are Necessary

As a licensed carpenter and former contractor, I’ve successfully completed millions in renovations.  Not every home requires renovations, but knowing where to spend money to get maximum uplift in your refi can prove to be very valuable.

Many “flippers” will go cheap on finishes or not properly inspect and update important elements such as plumbing or electrical. We ensure every project is done well, with permits and inspections along the way.

This ensures long-term value as well as better efficiency, lower repair bills over time, safety of tenants and highest refi value.

You can see video walk-throughs  and recent projects on YouTube as well as some great before and after pics here.

Regular Speaker at the Investor Forum National Conference

For the past 3 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to share market and real estate knowledge with the national Investor Forum audience.  This forum is packed with good information, and it’s been my privilege to give back to this outstanding community of people.

Featured in National Publications (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)

I’m regularly featured in the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine, a national publication devoted to innovative and profitable real estate investing education in Canada.  The articles I’ve written for these publications range from how to build significant wealth in real estate, to digital marketing fundamentals in real estate.


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