Need a better home for your family but not sure where to start?

With the Blue Orchard Method I will help you find the home that meets all the needs of your growing family.

Don’t waste time searching the internet. 

I will work with you to assess your current needs and future plans for lifestyle and wealth building.

Together we will find the perfect house within your budget, that will grow with your family, and that you will love for years to come! 

The 5 Steps when Working with Blue Orchard Realty

  • STEP ONE: Planting the Seeds Your family home is one of your largest investments. It’s my job to ensure that it yields the highest ROI (return on investment).
  • STEP TWO: Expansion It’s time to find your next home. In the current market, it’s better to purchase first.
    We’ll use your pre-approval to determine your budget. Taking the KPIs from the previous step, we also create a property scorecard for your family.
  • STEP THREE: Potential Maximization It’s time to roll up our sleeves. We start with my Profit Potential Maximizer. This is a list of small, medium, and more large-scale repairs. We pick the right option to get your home the best ROI. Following that, we create a staging plan.
  • STEP FOUR: Take to Market It’s time to put your house on the market. Our data-driven pricing strategy helps us set the right listing price. No guesswork needed. We want your home to sell fast with the right strategy. I then customize our Blue Orchard Master Marketing Method to you.
  • STEP FIVE: Maintaining Your Orchard Moving in is just the beginning. You’ll want to ensure that you’re making strategic repairs. That will keep your equity high so that you’re maximizing your market position. It also lowers costs when you move again. Based on the plan we created in step one, we’ll have a yearly review by phone or at your home. This will help you stay on top of the market and ensure that your home still meets your needs.