Blue Orchard Property Group
2nd Suite Conversion Checklist

Considering purchasing a home and adding a second suite?
You need this!

One of the things investors struggle with is being clear on what to look for when purchasing a property to convert to a legal 2 unit dwelling.

This guide covers:

  • the key things to watch for
  • what challenges you can remedy, and which ones to walk away from
  • resources you can use to verify
  • visuals that show you
  • what are the deal breakers to be careful of
  • important definitions to know about

Do you know the difference between an In-Law suite, Basement Apartment, Duplex or Secondary Unit? 

The terms being used in many listings but can be VERY misleading.

If you are planning to purchase a home and add another dwelling (ie separate apartment) then there are 6 Critical Criteria that MUST be met BEFORE YOU BUY.

These are DEAL BREAKERS. If you don’t check these boxes, you may have just made a costly mistake.

Clients have come to us and asked how they can add a secondary suite to a property they already purchased. BUT their realtor didn’t know the Bylaws or Zoning or Building Code – something we always thoroughly vet before each purchase.

Unfortunately, they made assumptions about what they could do with the property but when it came time to get permits or insurance, they were stopped.

Now they can’t fulfill the financial goals they had for the property. It was in a REGULATED AREA and would never be approved for a second dwelling.

  • How can you find out *if* you can add a second suite?
  • What are the bylaws and zoning requirements?
  • Is there a minimum ceiling height or egress window size?