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Thursday June 23 @ 7pm


Understanding the fundamentals and trends so you can find the best investment properties in ANY market.


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Guiding You With “Informed Action Taking”

To Build Your Wealth

Are You Struggling to Complete Your First (or Next) Investment Property Deal? 


Don’t worry. You are not alone. There are a number of reasons this can happen;


    • There is so much information out there it feels overwhelming.

    • The current ‘hot’ market or interest rate changes make it seem as if the boat has already sailed.

    • The real estate investing strategy you have been recommended isn’t backed by real-life examples and experience or it is OUTDATED.

    • You feel stalled and frustrated, lacking clarity of vision and focus. 

    • Everyone seems to suggest that you have to own 20 or 30 or 40 properties to be successful and able to retire.


What you need is guidance AND a strategy that works in today’s market, not the one from even 5 years ago.

This webinar will help to dispel these concerns and show you your logical path to financial freedom and building generational wealth. 


It is going to help you stop chasing the deal and start building a life.  


Your webinar trainer, Chris Shebib has seen this happen multiple times over his 30 plus years as a real estate investor, trainer, Realtor, carpenter, contractor manager, technologist & project manager in Canada and the US. 


In this information-packed webinar Chris will be sharing: 


    • Why the GTA is Such an Outstanding Investment Market – interest rate increases or not

    • Why and How To Create Cash Flow Instead of Buying Cash Flow

    • Where the best markets and best ROI is – even in today’s volatility

    • Why you do not need 20 or 30 or 40 properties to retire – in fact, its much less


By the end, you will have the insights to move your real estate investing business forward and the next action step needed. 


Chris will be sharing a strategy that newer investors are not even considering that can exponentially grow your rental income, property value and get you to your goals faster.


Meet your real estate investing trainer & coach Chris Shebib 

  • 30+ years experience in Canada & the US 

  • Real Estate Investor with own wealth-building portfolio

  • Successfully buying & selling homes for others as a realtor 

  • Renovating and refurbishing properties as a carpenter and contractor

  • Developing systems and repeatable processes as a project manager

  • Advising, coaching and mentoring others

Giving you the formula that has

  • Managed 10’s of millions in renovations and contracting projects 

  • Bought and sold 100’s of homes

  • Helped generate millions in returns on investment properties with projected 100’s of millions

  • Been recognized with a National Top Investor Award 

  • Featured in numerous national and real estate media.


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