Garden Suites in the GTA


April 2022 @ 7pm


Should you consider building a garden suite on your next property?

The Bill 108, “More Homes, More Choice Act” received royal assent 2019

The Act covers many amendments but we focus on Schedule 12, Planning Act, that has many implications for both municipalities and real estate investors and developers.

Goal of Act: increase the supply of housing will help every person in Ontario by making housing more affordable, while renters will see lower costs and a mix of housing types to choose from.

Specifically states “by authorizing two residential units in a house and by authorizing a residential unit in a building or structure ancillary to a house.”

Basically mandating municipalities in Ontario to allow Garden Suites.

This webinar will


It is going to help you stop chasing the deal and start building a life.  


Your webinar trainer, Chris Shebib has seen this happen multiple times over his 30 plus years as a real estate investor, trainer, Realtor, carpenter, contractor manager, technologist & project manager in Canada and the US. 


In this information-packed webinar Chris will be sharing: 


  • Why the GTA is Such an Outstanding Investment Market
  • Why and How To Create Cash Flow Instead of Buying Cash flow
  • Where the best markets and best ROI are
  • The big investment opportunity for the next 5/10 yrs


By the end, you will have the insights to move your real estate investing business forward and the next action step needed. 

In response to this presentation earlier this year (Jan 2022) here’s just some of the comments:

“Very insightful and informative session”

“Thanks Chris, love what you are doing”

“I’m thinking “informed action taking” will be my new buzz phrase!”

“This is a great strategy to accelerate and scale faster.”

“Amazing Presentation!”

Great info – thank you!”

“Thanks Chris. Nice presentation”

The Next Webinar is Wednesday, March 23 @ 7pm