April 10th at 7pm

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Population Growth and What It Points To For Interest Rates

This event will be a thorough look at the current housing demands related to population growth and inflation.


  • Understand the current trends in population growth

  • How this will impact demand for rental units including student housing

  • Why Bill 23 offers solutions and opportunities for investors and homeowners

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This live coaching call is a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, network with fellow professionals, and enhance your understanding of the ever-evolving real estate market. Whether you are an investor or not, this live coaching call with Chris is incredibly beneficial.

Meet your real estate investing Podcast Host & Coach Chris Shebib 

  • 30+ years experience in Canada & the US

  • Real Estate Investor with own wealth-building portfolio

  • Successfully buying & selling homes for others as a realtor

  • Renovating and refurbishing properties as a carpenter and contractor

  • Developing systems and repeatable processes as a project manager

  • Advising, coaching and mentoring others

Giving you the formula that has

  • Managed 10’s of millions in renovations and contracting projects

  • Bought and sold 100’s of homes

  • Helped generate millions in returns on investment properties with projected 100’s of millions

  • Been recognized with a National Top Investor Award

  • Featured in numerous national and real estate media.

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Sharing the most recent data and analysis, Chris will share what 2024 looks like for home prices, interest rates and what that means to you for the next 5-10 years.